Posted on November 15, 2020 at 9:30 AM

One of the biggest Facebook updates yet.

Facebook recently announced an integration of Messenger and Instagram Direct!

Facebook says:

it’s so you can have access to the best messaging experience, no matter which app you use

How does that benefit us?

Well, according to Facebook, one in three users have found it difficult to remember where to find the last conversation thread. To alleviate that confusion, Facebook’s goal is to bring all messages into a single unified platform.

Below are some of the new features that will be made available:

1- Selfie Stickers

Remember the selfie sticker feature Instagram was testing for stories back in March?

You can now use this fun feature to react to conversations in the app. Facebook describes it to be “a unique hybrid of Boomerang, emojis, and selfies”

2- Watch Together

This feature will make you ditch Netflix Party as it allows Instagram users to join Watch Together video co-watching parties via Messenger.

The new integration will also enable users to use ‘Watch Together’ for IGTV and Reels Content! 🤩

3- Vanish Mode

Just like secret chats in messenger or more widely known from Snapchat, vanish mode enables users to send messages that automatically disappear after they’ve seen it - it’s just another iteration of the same concept.

4- Chat Colors

New fun color gradients for your chats.

5- Custom Emoji Reactions

You can respond to messages with quick reaction emojis in both the apps with the ability to customize the reaction emoji set.

6- Message Controls

With this integrations, users have full control on deciding who can message them directly across each app and where their message requests are stored.

Lots of interesting new features!

Currently, they have capacity to integrate Instagram Direct & Messenger and is in the works of figuring out how it will work with WhatsApp.

This integration will make Facebook’s messaging back-end the largest interconnected messaging network in the world. Concerned? Us too!

Has the update been made available to you yet? And do you think FB made the right call?